About Us




Hey, why do women have so many beautiful clothing options to chose from, while the men's section is a sea of greys and blacks? Why does gender neutral mean grey oversized sweat pants and sweatshirts? Women don't need pockets?  Is it really that emasculating for men to call a "bun" a "bun" instead of coining the term "man bun".

We are a boy from The United States and a girl from Pakistan. We strive to use the scientific method rather than by blind faith or tradition, to introspect on what we do and fight for human rights throughout the global community. 
We aren't telling you that all you need to do is buy our clothes, but a better understanding of the world helps to better enjoy the world, and we are here to open peoples eyes through fashion as a medium. 
We believe clothing is just clothing, it doesn't define you, label you,  it has been given too much importance in the sense of what it means, when all it is, is a moment in time where we decided that, "today this is what ill wear".